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Our goal is to work out high-quality scalable and available solutions and make them fully comply with each client's demands
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British American Tobacco (BAT) – Unlock Your City (UYC)

A promotional website for BAT UK with a drop feature. Drops are time-based competitions that feature on UYC. Drops will only appear if the current time is between the start and end time of a drop. Users can enter by submitting their details. Drops have multiple prizes and winners are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. The events page of the website describes past events, or the events that will appear soon, so users can see potential prizes. Users can scroll the events carousel and choose a specific one to see more details about it.
British American Tobacco web-site


Dr.Martens store where users can choose the products they are interested in and purchase them. This app allows users to choose their region and clarify the product price. Dr.Martens store includes not only a user shop cart, but also Dr.Martens blog, a store locator and a community. Using the community center the users can share their photos and reviews for Dr.Martens production. Store payment is realized with all main payment methods such as credit cards, ApplePay, PayPal etc.
Dr.Martens web-site

The Library ladder company

An online store that includes a full range of tools that allow the user to choose the products of interest, get acquainted with promotions, find out the features of the products, indicate the delivery and so on. Payment for products is realized using such systems as credit cards, payPal and other payment systems, applePay, GooglePay etc. So the application simplifies the interaction of the seller and the customer and provides everything that both sides need in one place.
The Library ladder company web-site


Cartier studio website represents their jewelry, the information about the studio and the events it organizes. Users can explore the jewelry, order delivery and clarify order details, as well as contact the company's ambassador. Depending on the region the user can find the information he is interested in, such as the location of the nearest Cartier boutique in his region on the basis of the data provided by the user's device.
Cartier web-site

Wild training

Wild Training helps people maximise power, endurance and control across the full range of natural movement. This is a London-based GYM company that allows the users of their website to get more information about Wild training work. Users and trainers can register in the Wild training app and get all Wild training services in one click, such as exercise classes in all directions for users who want to start training and have not decided yet in what direction they want to train, trainers can become Wild training team members and set up the working order that suits them. All that the Wild training app provides to its users can simplify the interaction of people interested in sport lifestyle.
Wild training web-site

The Junction

The Junction – modern beautiful animated application for simple rent of the apartments. The user is given the opportunity to get acquainted with the plans of the apartments, their interior and price with the help of beautiful animated sliders and layout, find out the location of each of them. There are many different forms of feedback for a complete interaction with the client.
The Junction web-site

PlatForm 13

Platform13 - is an independent, new world multidisciplinary company driving relevance and unlocking creativity that matters for all clients. Also it helps to unlock the credible impact that brands can have on their audiences and communities through actionable strategy and relevant implementation. The main idea is to push the user to change their life for the better based on the shown and told successful experience.
PlatForm 13 web-site


SADA shares stories about refugees, from refugees. Through a collaborative approach with refugee storytellers, each story is told uniquely using different creative tools. In doing so, a full picture of the experience of displacement is shared with the audience – the loss, the grief, and the emotional impact of it all. A powerful project with a mesmerizing sound for caring people or those who are familiar with similar stories.
SADA web-site


Reemina is a business manifestation academy where conscious leaders come to create large-scale solutions to the real needs. Each person is a leader of their own life. Once people start to think and act as owners of their creation, they command and receive the kind of environments where life is play, not suffering. That’s why this web application is a powerful guide to building a successful business or creating a successful startup with as many animated guides and feedback forms as possible.
Reemina web-site